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Taking days to create a quote with pen, paper, measurements, notes and a calculator can easily cost your business thousands of dollars in time and missed bids. Careless human error and rough guestimates can cause you to lose a job bid by over estimating. Or just as bad, you can end up underbidding your estimates and win the job. Now you have to undercut your labor and materials and have to beg for more budget or take it in the shorts.

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"My closing rate is up over 70% now that I am using bidfire, I would rather have my truck break down then lose my bidfire software as it is so essential to my business!"
- Ben Lipe, Dual Serve Electric LLC
"Before Bidfire i was using Excel to bid jobs, not only could it be confusing but if a cell was accidentally changed, all of my numbers would be wrong!! Bidfire made it simple and I trust my number every time!!"
- Levi Hendrickson, Hendrickson HVAC

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